29/05 Lecture: Tiny House Movement

29 mei 2018 20:00 t/m 21:30 - Door: Communication

Why are people choosing to give up space and comfort to live in a tiny house? Money, freedom, a smaller footprint, and being mobile are all possible reasons. Can you imagine to minimize your lifestyle even after graduation and consciously choose to live in a micro apartment or a micro house?

TU Delft alumni Laurens van der Wal, from Walden Studio, will give a lecture about the origin of the tiny house movement in the US and the current developments of tiny lifestyles in the Netherlands. He will also share his own experience with building tiny houses and maybe even give you some tips on how to DIY. 

After the talk we'll walk to the Green Village where a Residential Living Lab is showcasing different types of tiny and modular houses. The tenants will join us and share their experience of living tiny by showing their homes. 

20:00-21:00 Lecture by Laurens van der Wal, Theater Culture 
21:00-21:30 Tour at The Green Village Residential Living Lab

So come join us on Tuesday 29 May if you want to find out what the Tiny House Movement is all about! The event is free! For more information, check the Facebook event.

Tuesday 29 May | 20:00 – 21:30 | at Unit Culture | €0.-