Promotie E. Tziviloglou: zelfhelend (2)

26 september 2018 10:00 - Locatie: Aula, TU Delft - Door: webredactie

Biogenic Self-Healing Mortar. Material development and experimental evaluation. Promotor: H.E.J.G. Schlangen (CiTG).

Self-healing concrete has been introduced for almost two decades as an alternative to the conventual concrete repair systems. Research has proven that it can efficiently repair micro-cracks and avoid the limitations related to the application of ordinary concrete repair materials. Among the different self-healing systems, the use of biogenic healing agents has gained ground in the last decade. Biogenic self-healing agents can outbalance the other existing self-healing systems, since the way they work can prolong the functionality and increase the sustainability of a cementitious material. The objective of this research project was to primarily develop the biogenic healing agent and investigate the mechanical and the crack sealing behaviour of biogenic self-healing mortar. Moreover, the research focused on the development of an experimental protocol, which could be applied on self-healing mortars with different implemented self-healing strategies. Finally, the experimental results were compared with the results of a computer simulation. The results of the thesis suggest that structures can benefit from the use of biogenic self-healing concrete, since the enhanced crack sealing behaviour can prevent durability problems that are related with micro-cracking.

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