12 – 18/11 Free Try-Outs

12 november 2018 09:00 t/m 18 november 2018 23:00 - Door: Communication

X has a lot to offer, probably more than you think. During the Free Try-Outs, you can experience this for yourself and it’s all for free! You can explore our wide range of activities in sports, (e)-games, balance, lifestyle, arts, crafts and so much more. Or visit our well-equipped gym. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the possibilities that the X subscription offers you!

The Try-Outs are the perfect moment to try out something new, since you can join all of the ticket hours and try-out lessons of our courses which will be held in Q2. It is your chance to meet the teachers and ask anything you’d like to know.

Top 10-things-to-do 
There is so much to do, that you might find it hard to decide what activity you’d like best. With this Top 10, we tried to make it a little bit easier for you;-).

  1. Find your balance at Boost from Monday til Friday
  2. Play a game or Jenga in Cafe X
  3. Try out new ticket hours ‘Heart Yoga’ and ‘Strong by Zumba’
  4. Visit Theatre production TIME OUT! On Thursday 20:00
  5. Make your own fabulous meal with ingredients from the Mystery Box in Freetown from Monday til Friday as of 17:00
  6. Come by for the improv jam of Delft Improv Group on Thursday 19:00 in the Living Room of Freetown.
  7. Dance your butt off during the Bollywood try-out on Tuesday 18:30
  8. Wreck this room at Freetown
  9. Play a game of chess under the stars
  10. Eat consciously during the No waste! dinner in Freetown on Wednesday 19:00

Feel free to walk in at any class you like and join or watch. See you there!

No enrolment needed. First come, first serve.

The schedule

12-18/11 | 09:00 – 23:30 | at X | FREE!