13/10 & 14/10 National Student Championship: Powerlifting 2018

13 oktober 2018 14:00 t/m 14 oktober 2018 18:00 - Door: Communication

On both Saturday and Sunday 13 & 14 October, the official Dutch Student Championship Powerlifting takes place in Delft, and you can watch!

This year, our powerlifting association DSKV IJzersterk is organising the National Student Championship Powerlifting at X.The competition is divided over two days. The contestants are tested in three elements: bench press, deadlift and the squad.

You can check out the classification of weight class will be available on the site of the KNKF Powerlifting (in Dutch) https://knkf-sectiepowerliften.nl/kalender/2018/nsk/.

Saturday & Sunday 13 & 14 October | Saturday starts at 14:00, Sunday starts at 10:00 | at X2 | X subscription: free! Others: €5.- payment at the door [In co-op with DSKV IJzersterk]