16/10 DIY: Fermentation

16 oktober 2018 19:30 t/m 21:30 - Door: Communication

Fermentation: it’s easy, sustainable, healthy and above all a creative and fun way to conserve fresh products for a long time. Are you interested in learning the processes that take place in foods while fermenting, curious to give bacteria a taste or just looking for a way to make use of all those leftovers in your fridge? Then this fermentation workshop calls your name.

Fermentation is not only an old preparation technique at which yeast, fungi and bacteria convert the naturally present sugars. Thanks to fermentation you can preserve fresh produce for a longer period while its nutritional value increases and at least as important, fermented products are surprising flavours on your table.

During this workshop Sanne Zwart (Keukenboeren | RotPot) will introduce you to the rules of thumb of safe fermentation, beginning with a short lesson in biology. Yes, fermented food is alive! What happens during fermentation? Which bacteria are good and which are not? Next up it is time to get your grater, knife and mandolin and start your own vegetable fermentation. After the work is done, you will conclude the evening with a tasting of different fermented products.

You will go home with heaps of inspiration, a number of delicious recipes and of course a jar full of ‘ferment-to-be’. The only thing you will need then, is patience. 

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Tuesday 16/10 | 19:30 - 21:30 | in the Freetown Kitchen | €20.- students / €36.- employees / €40.- others