19/09 Clinic: Footgolf

19 september 2018 10:00 t/m 16:00 - Door: Communication

Are you a football fanatic and looking for a challenge? Or maybe you like golf and want to mix things up a bit? This footgolf event combines the best of both worlds. So, join this Footgolf clinic and see whether you can get the football in the hole;).

This footgolf event will take you across the TU Delft campus with a total of 9 holes to putt. Anyone can do it! Former Dutch and European Footgolf champion Jim Kuipers is joining and will perform the kick-off! Let’s see who can top his score. Do you think you can challenge a pro?

The clinic itself takes about an hour, you can pick the timeslot that suits you best. For tickets and more information visit the website of Ariston ’80 or send an email to footgolf@ariston80.nl

Check Facebook for more updates on this event.

Wednesday 19 September | 10:00 - 16:00 | at Campus of TU Delft | €10.- [In co-op with v.v. Ariston ’80]