Event-in-a-box alumni gathering Bengaluru

20 juni 2019 19:30

On 20 June it is time again for an informal get-together with TU Delft alumni in Bengaluru! Fellow alumnus Nishan will be the host of this event and gladly invites you to partake in a fun evening. The exact location is still to be announced but if you are in for a party with your fellow alumni, make sure to add this event to your calendar. This event is part of the concept 'Event-in-a-box' which allows alumni all over the world to host informal get-togethers with the help of TU Delft Alumni Relations. During this summer, at least 10 alumni gatherings will be organised all over the world: from Istanbul to Taipei!

This time we will add another fun item to the box, including a competition element. And the winner will receive a 'Sint- box-deluxe' for the next event: a box filled with extra yummie Sint treats.

We are going Dutch! So please bring some drinks and snacks to share with others. We will make sure that there are also Dutch treats for you to enjoy!

If you want to join this event, please register before 13 June.