Evolutionaries: Imagining the city of the future

07 november 2019 15:00 t/m 18:30 - Locatie: Faculteit Bouwkunde, Oostserre - Door: Communication BK | Zet in mijn agenda

On 7 November 2019, NOAHH organises the event 'EVOLUTIONARIES' at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. EVOLUTIONARIES is about exploring architecture that evolves beyond rigid structures: adaptive, evolutionary architecture, sustainable due to its flexibility and 24/7 use.

“People can improvise the city; people can improvise architecture. That means the city shouldn’t resist [its] inhabitants, but obey [its] inhabitants... We need to get back to elasticity.” – Yona Friedman, 1958

The city of the future is in constant transformation and seeks creative solutions to tailor-made housing and mixed-use environments. Here, the identity of the city is not determined by characteristic buildings, but by the facilities that it incorporates. In our current day and age, buildings shape our social life and are vital for the exchange of knowledge. Space is becoming increasingly scarce, which means that the use of space needs to be much more efficient and effective. The contemporary urban environment requires a higher densification of usages and the ability to facilitate and enable social contact. 

During the event, four lectures sketch out different imaginations on the city of the future. A panel discussion between the lectors, BK professors, and the audience further explores how architecture can and should evolve.

Elated Life | NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture


15.00Opening, by Loes Thijssen (NOAHH, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
15.15Lecture Mosè Ricci  (La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
15.45Lecture Li Tao (UAO, Wuhan, China)
16.15Lecture Yona Friedman by Jean-Baptiste Decavele (Le Fonds de Dotation Denise et Yona Friedman, Paris, France)
16.45Lecture Patrick Fransen and Loes Thijssen (NOAHH, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
17.15Panel discussion between the lectors, BK professors, and the audience
18.00Closing remarks


Mosè Ricci | La Sapienza University of Rome  | Rome, Italy
The Italian architect and urbanist Mosè Ricci is emeritus of Italian Art and Culture and Professor of Urbanism at the University of Genoa and La Sapienza University of Rome. His research examines the relationship between landscape, cyclical architecture, contemporary urbanism and ecological urbanism, and focusses on paradigm shifts in architecture.

Li Tao | UAO | Wuhan, China
With "Big Landscape + Mini Architecture" as its core design concept, UAO advocates the integration of architecture and landscape design. The office focusses on the transformation of large scale urban and landscape design – ‘Big Landscape’ - such as the Wuhan Gingshan Waterfront and the transformation of the Red Town Industrial Area into a cultural hub. ‘Mini Architecture’ focusses on the human scale in their architecture. Li Tao is founder partner of UAO.

Jean-Baptiste Decavèle | Le Fonds de Dotation Denise et Yona Friedman | Paris, France
The architecture proposed by Yona Friedman is not afraid of change because within the ideas of its project’s, society is always at the center. A changing society in which the buildings, the infrastructures are molded around men and living beings. In 1958, Yona Friedman published his first manifesto: Mobile Architecture. In the mobile city, buildings should touch the ground over a minimum area, be capable of being dismantled and moved, and be alterable as required by the individual occupant. Jean-Baptiste Decavèle is a multidisciplinary artist, film maker and photographer, and longtime collaborator with Yona Friedman.

Afterwards, the 'Goodbye students, Hello alumni'-event will take place in the Zuidserre.