VSV ’Revolutionary Aerospace Women’ event

19 maart 2019 15:00 t/m 22:30 - Locatie: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - Door: Department of Communication

On Tuesday the 19th March the Revolutionary Aerospace Women Event  will be held at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE) in Delft. The event is open to both men and women and aims to bring students and professionals together to network and share their experiences.

Yearly, the VSV ‘Leonardo da Vinci’, study society of the AE faculty at TU Delft, organises an event devoted to women in the aerospace industry. This year, the theme for the day will be “Broaden your horizons”. The programme will focus on the diversity, internationalisation and inclusiveness within the aerospace industry. Professionals and students will  debate their perspective on these subjects during a panel discussion. Furthermore, two inspiring talks will be given by two leading women from the aerospace industry. Also, you will get the opportunity to broaden your own horizons during one of the challenging workshops. To conclude the day, students and professionals will get the chance to connect and exchange their views during the networking drink.

The programme:

15:00-15:30h  Registration
15:45-16:30h  Speaker 1: Colonel Talitha Born, Royal Netherlands Air Force
16:45-17:45h  Workshops: EY, Airbus DS and Sevenbirds
18:00-18:45h  Speaker 2: Birgit Otto, Chief Operations Officer Schiphol 
18:45-20:15h  Informal dinner with an organised network moment 
20:15-21:30h  Panel discussion
Dr. Jeannette Heiligers (moderator, faculty of AE), 
Henri Werij (Dean of the AE faculty), 
Marlou Banning  (Chief Financial Officer LvNL), 
Catherine Piotrowski (Quality & Mission Success Senior Manager Advanced Development Programs at  Skunk Works) 
Ewa Kadziolka (Founder & Chief Executive Officer Centrip)
TU Delft Aerospace Engineering student
21:45-22:30h  Closing drink

*Times may vary with respect to the presented schedule.

Colonel Talitha Born is the director of the Service Centre Recruitment and Selection of Defence, responsible for the acquisition of new men and women for the Dutch Defence. Since she is highly involved of in the recruitment of new employees and students she will be able to give an interesting  opinion about diversity and inclusiveness within the Royal Netherlands Air Force.

Birgit Otto is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of Schiphol Group, responsible for the daily policy of the Schiphol Group.  She started at Schiphol Group in 2004 as senior manager Passenger Services.  She has a lot of experience within the aerospace industry and will be able to give interesting insights on the diversity, internationalisation and inclusiveness within the industry.

The panel discussion will focus on the theme “bridging the gap – broaden your horizons”. We are very proud to introduce our panel members for the evening: Dr. Jeannette Heiligers, moderator and faculty of AE, Henry Werij, dean of AE faculty; Marlou Banning, CFO of NvNL; Catherine Piotrowski, QMSSM – ADM of Skunk works and Ewa Kadziolka, founder and CEO of Centrip This mix of professionals is sure to spark an interesting debate.

The event is open to both men and women. Registration can be done online and is completely free of charge. Note, however, that places for the workshops are limited. Please subscribe using the following link: https://vsv.tudelft.nl/ticketshop/register/499. The final timetable will be communicated as soon as possible.