Activating Large Audiences by Artesc | 2 March

02 maart 2020 09:30 t/m 13:00 - Locatie: Teachinglab, Building 32A @ Room 0.2 - Door: Teaching Academy

This course aims at developing skills and acquiring insights in activating audiences. Since activation is the key to learning effectiveness the question of activating audiences is very relevant for education. Along with investigating the various possibilities such as games, you will learn tools from theatre for the guidance of student activity and enhancement of their mental activity using ‘Movies in the Mind’ and ‘Arcs of Tension’. A new method to analyse learning objectives will provide the opportunity to develop short practical exercises.

Practical information

Learning objectives: at the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • design games for educational purposes which can also be used in large group teaching;

  • guide student activity in a motivating and inspiring way;

  • increase students’ mental activity using so called ‘Movies in the Mind’ and ‘Arcs of Tension’;

  • analyse your learning goals on a micro, mean and meta level;

  • know for which parts of your course content you need to develop exercises;

  • design varied exercises.

Target group: Academic staff with teaching tasks

Number of sessions: three morning sessions

Cost: € 600,00

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