Analyse exam result to improve your course and assessment | 21 January

21 januari 2020 12:45 t/m 14:45 - Locatie: Teaching Lab, Building 32A @ Room 2.2 - Door: Teaching Academy

Course grades reflect how well students master the learning objectives. However, exams also reveal how well we succeeded in teaching the course and in developing good exam questions. This workshop helps you to reveal this information so you can use that to even further improve your course, your assessment and your grading.

You will learn to:

  • analyse to what extent your students master each learning objective.

  • analyse the quality of the exam as a whole

  • analyse the quality of individual sub questions of the exam

  • calculate individual grades from the individual exam scores

  • adjust scoring and grading in case of quality issues with subquestions

Practical matters

Information and access to the tools that are available will be provided. Example data will be used during the workshop. If you want, you can stay longer to work on your own exam dataset. During the workshop, there will be plenty of room to exchange experiences and challenges in your own courses.

Target group: Teachers who use exams to assess their students. Example of exams: written exams, digital exams, paper-based multiple choice exams, hybrid exams (paper based exams that are scanned and scored in an online environment).

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