EdMedia Protégé (EMP) program - Kick-Off

01 mei 2019 12:00 t/m 14:00 - Locatie: Teaching Lab, Building 32A @ Arena - Door: Teachingacademy | Zet in mijn agenda

What is the EdMedia Protégé (EMP) program?

The EdMedia Protege (EMP) program has successfully supported university educators, since April 2013 and Teaching & Learning Services, at TU Delft, is very excited to make this training available to our faculty starting May 1 2019. The EMP program is designed to support faculty members who are interested in being better media creators, enhance their learner experience with effective resources, and distribute media in ways that work for both faculty and learner. TU Delft is excited to be the first university in the Netherlands to pilot this faculty development program.

The EdMedia Protégé (EMP) program is a faculty development training program to help teachers improve their capacity to design and deliver media assets – such as infographics, video, graphic organizers, etc. - as an embedded part of teaching and learning. In the first month of the program faculty will work together to better understand how to effectively embed media in activity and assessment, and throughout the remaining time in the program faculty receive one-on-one support from media and learning developers to design media for learning, and develop assets using common tools and techniques. The program will wrap up with a showcase that celebrates the works of EMP participants.

EdMedia Protégé (EMP) program