Erasmus+ Staff Exchange Week 2020

28 januari 2020 09:30 t/m 31 januari 2020 17:00 - Locatie: Teaching Lab, Building 32A, Landbergstraat 15 - Door: Teaching Academy

When: Tuesday 28 January – Friday 31 January 2020

The Delft Teaching Academy invites both academic and administrative staff members from Higher Education Institutions to our Teaching Lab, the home of our teachers; a place where we bring educational activities together under one roof, accelerate initiatives and strengthen collaborations with peers. At TU Delft, we approach education like we approach research: experiment, learn and share findings.


We would like to welcome people who are interested in innovation in education. If the number of interested persons exceeds the limited number of 25, we will have to select the applicants based on your expression of motivation. In a four-day programme we’ll dive into a wide range of topics. From online and open education to teacher training and the best way to support our TU Delft teaching community. During our Erasmus+ Exchange Week, we aim to exchange ideas, evidence and expertise. We’ll share our vision on education and focus on the variety of available services and programmes to help teachers improve their education. We’ll give demonstrations of our spaces for experimentation, collaboration and exposure. And we are very much interested in your own institutes’ vision and practices! 


A participation fee of approximately € 175,00 will be charged to cover costs.

Registration: CLOSED!

The number of participants is limited to 25 persons. Selection results will be announced shortly after the application has closed.

The Exchange Week is organised within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, and all participants can secure funding from their University (grant for Staff Training) to cover their traveling and subsistence.

Accommodation is not provided by TU Delft, but a list of recommended hotels in the city of Delft will be shared with the participants after acceptance.

Hope to see you in January! 

Underneath two quotes by participants from last year:

  •  “The TU Delft Exchange Week offered me a unique chance to share best practices and processes with colleagues from TU Delft and around the world. It was truly inspiring!”

                                                                                              Erik Jentges
                                                                                              Program Manager at D-MTEC Teaching Innovations Lab
                                                                                              Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

  •  “The best thing about visiting at TU Delft was to gain insight into their explicit strategies and approaches for online and blended learning. Highly recommended”

                                                                                              Kasper Bergstrøm
                                                                                              E-learning Consultant Centre for Teaching and Learning
                                                                                              University of Southern Denmark

  • "The TU Delft Exchange Week helped me see how important it is to embed online learning initiatives in an institution wide strategy, securing management support. Also, I gained valuable inspiration and became aware of alternative approaches via conversations with TU Delft staff and the visitors from other organisations across the world".

                                                                                       Inger- Marie F. Christensen
                                                                                       Senior E-learning advisor
                                                                                       University of Southern Denmark