Rubrics: Consistent grading of assignments and projects | 24 March | Details will follow

24 maart 2020 12:45 t/m 15:15 - Locatie: Teachinglab, Building 32A @ Room 0.2 - Door: Teaching Academy

In this workshop you will experience the merits and pitfalls of rubrics. You will exchange tips to ensure the assessment is fair, efficient, transparent and objective, and stimulates your students’ learning.

You will learn how to make sure your grading is comparable with the way your colleagues grade your students’ assignments or projects.

You will find out:

  • why rubrics can help to grade and provide feedback on student work (or make their lives miserable)
  • why and how to align rubrics with learning objectives, instructions and course slang
  • why converting a marked rubric into grades is tricky and important

There will be plenty of room to share experiences, grading tools and challenges in your own courses.

If you have a grading tool (rubric, answer model, grading sheet, etc.) that you could share, please bring it on your laptop, so we can share it.

Practical information

Target group: This course is for teachers who grade open-ended assignments and projects
Enrol: The training is delivered regularly throughout the year. Check the enrolment form for dates that suit you.