People in Transit Exchange Day

30 januari 2020 12:00 t/m 19:00 - Locatie: TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering - Door: Transport Institute

Imagine a transport system that offers the best possible travel experience. A system that is accessible, seamless and considers its users. A system that takes care of the environment. 

Whether on our daily commute or jetting around the world, we have high expectations. We want travel to be fast, punctual and comfortable. Yet urbanisation and population growth, combined with increasing rates of private ownership, are placing immense pressure on existing transportation systems. The outcome is all too familiar: longer commutes, congestion, pollution and discomfort. Mobility researchers at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) envision a future in which seamless travel is the norm and work to make this a reality. We connect stakeholders and explore new technologies and modalities. We embrace the inherent complexity present within these systems and develop practical solutions.

We would like to invite you to the People in Transit Exchange Day on the 30th of January. 

Please register here! On this day we will connect design researchers from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering with (potential) partners from TU Delft and beyond. During three Exchange Sessions our researchers will present their ongoing and completed research, as well as student work.

For more information:

Mignon van den Berg

Program Coordinator Mobility - People in Transit