Transport Thursday: Motorway Tidal Flow Control

The next Transport Thursday soon takes place. This time Konstantinos Ampountolas from the University of Glasgow will visit TU Delft to tell about a new Tidel Flow Control system for motorways (in Dutch 'wisselbaan'). Transport Thursday will take place Thursday 11th of April 2019, starting at 12:30 at lecture hall G at the faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences. Remember to register for free lunch! See you there!

Short summary 

A traffic control case of particular importance occurs when inbound and outbound traffic on a motorway stretch is unbalanced throughout the day. This scenario may benefit of a lane management strategy called tidal flow (or reversible) lane control, in which case the direction of a contraflow buffer lane is reversed according to the needs of each direction. During this presentation Dr. Ampountolas proposes a simple and practical real-time strategy for efficient motorway tidal flow lane control. A switching policy based on the fundamental diagram, that requires only aggregated measurements of density (or occupancy).


Date & Time: Thursday 11th April 2019, 12:30 - 13:45. 

Location: Lecture hall G, Faculty of CEG, Delft University of Technology. 

Free lunch included if you sign-up before April 9th! 

Sign-up required, you can do so here.

Dr. Konstantinos Ampountolas