Transport Thursday: The potential of the bicycle and transit combination

Cities all over the world are facing accessibility and sustainability challenges. It is obvious that there is not one mode who will facilitate all modes within the given requirements of users, inhabitants and policy makers. At the landscape of solutions, an interesting combination of modes is gaining interest: the bicycle+transit combination. In this lunch lecture, our guest lecturers discuss the combination and share their international and practical perspectives. Dr. Robbie Napper (Monash University) will share his views on the topic from a design and user-oriented perspective and will look at the developments in Australia, Denmark and the Netherlands. The lunch lecture will take place Thursday June 20th, starts at 12:30 at room 1.98 CEG Faculty. Sign-up here.

About the lecturer:

Dr Robbie Napper is an industrial designer at the Department of Design of Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and the Deputy Director of the Mobility Design Lab. His expertise is in the research and development of better mobility. His research spans applied work on products, systems, services and experiences with manufacturers, to more pure, human research to determine new ways of improving mobility. Robbie works close to the industry and did multiple projects on cycling and transit recently, for instance regarding bicycle parking and bus design.


Date & Time: Thursday 20th of June 2019, 12:30 - 13:45. 

Location: Lecture room 1.98, Faculty of CEG, Delft University of Technology. 

Free lunch included if you sign-up before June 18th! 

Sign-up required, you can do so here.