Alumni Gathering Beijing - 24 January

24 januari 2019 18:30 t/m 21:30 - Locatie: Beijing Normal University

With nearly 1500 TU Delft Alumni living in China mainland and Hong Kong, it is one of our biggest alumni communities around the world. This proved during our last big alumni events in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in 2015, where we welcomed more than 250 guests!

We are excited to announce our upcoming event in Beijing on 24 January, where we would love to bring the large community (>230 alumni) together again.

During this event we will give you an update on TU Delft: what has happened at your Alma Mater since you have left? We also invite alumni from different backgrounds to share their personal stories since leaving Delft, with a special focus on the trends in their industry and how their experiences at TU Delft helped them in their current positions.

Of course there will also be plenty of time to get to know each other. With such a large community present, these events are the perfect opportunities to enlarge your network in Beijing and to reminisce about your time in Delft.

18.30     Welcome with drinks & food (buffet)
19.15     Update on TU Delft: what is happening at your Alma Mater?
19.30     Pitches from fellow alumni: get to know the alumni community and learn from their industry insights.
20.30     Time to meet & mingle: enlarge your network.

Alumni speakers:
Meng Xia (Arch 2007),
Associate Partner at Foster+Partners: “Behind masterpieces”.

Tony Wang (EEMC, 2006), Shareholder and Vice president of SunChine Ltd.: “Photovoltaic, adventure park in ten years.”

Rui Li (EEMCS 2004), Google Developers Relations, China Lead: “TensorFlow, make machine learning benefit everyone.”

Hai Lin (Arch 2003), Founder/President of DAMU Design Corp: “ACTOR within 16 years.” (A-Architect, C-Cities, T-Travel, O-Oriental, R-Return)

Beijing Normal University, Building A, Floor 3. 
Jinfeng And Technology Enterprise Incubator Co.Ltd.
(at the opposite side of the Beijing Normal University East Gate)
Address: 8 Xinjiekou Outer St BeiTaiPingZhuang Xicheng Qu Beijing 

The event is free of charge, but registration is mandatory. Please register before 20 January.

The  list of speakers will be announced later. Make sure to stay up to date about these events via our "China"- group in our online alumni community