Urban Energy Platform: Symposium “High Performance Building envelopes”

29 januari 2019 13:00 t/m 17:00 - Locatie: Science Centre TU Delft - Door: Eveline Zeegers

Development of affordable energy renovation concepts, and a fast renovation process are essential in realizing a climate neutral built environment in 2050. The development of high performance building envelopes is an important element in this transition. At this symposium we will discuss:What are promising concepts and developments?

The Dutch government aims for a climate-neutral built environment in 2050. Renovation of the existing building stock environment is essential in realizing this ambition: the market must prepare itself for delivering 200,000 high performance renovations per year. This requires, among others the development of affordable renovation solutions, enabling the transition toward a fully sustainable energy supply and a fast renovation process.

Adapting the building envelope is an important element for this transition. This implies improving the thermal performance of the envelop (lower energy losses through better insulation, better windows, etc.) as well actively utilizing the envelop for the production of renewable energy.

Various smart solutions for the building envelope were developed in the last couple of year and the key question is: how can we scale up these projects to contribute to delivering 200,000 high performance renovations per year?

At this symposium we will discuss:
o   What are promising concepts and developments?
o   What is needed to scale up these concepts?
o   Which innovations are needed to reduce costs?
o   How can industrialization and standardization contribute to development of affordable renovation?

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