Anaerobic Digestion Conference AD16

23 juni 2019 09:00 t/m 27 juni 2019 20:00 - Locatie: Delft, The Netherlands - Door: Delft Bioengineering Institute

We are honored to invite you to the 16th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion to be held in Delft (The Netherlands) in June 2019. This international platform to discuss advances in anaerobic digestion and related processes is an event that is part of the IWA Anaerobic Digestion Specialist Group conference series, this time organized by The Netherlands and Belgium.

The theme of the 16th issue of the AD conference is “Accelerating natural cycles with anaerobic digestion.” We accelerate natural cycles from small to large scale on sewage,  sludge, manure or agrowaste. We increasingly treat industrial wastewater anaerobically, and these engineered digestion systems allow recovery of energy and resources including carbon and nutrients. AD16 will further strengthen this evolution, by bringing together and activate debate across the multiple disciplines needed to understand the processes related to anaerobic digestion. We invite engineers, biotechnologists, microbiologists, chemists, physicists, mathematical modelers, and technology innovators to participate. All pioneers, freshmen, and leaders in the field, and other interested parties, are welcome to critically discuss the state-of-the-art of anaerobic digestion and learn about new developments. Attendants can join our pre-conference workshops, visit latest-generation installations and anticipate future breakthroughs and developments.

Specialized short courses will be offered before the conference to reinforce knowledge on certain innovative aspects. These courses will be organized by Ghent University, University of Leuven, Wageningen University and Delft University. All are conveniently located in The Netherlands and Belgium, all within less than 3 hours by train from Delft.

We look forward to welcoming you to Delft, the birth place of the founding father of microbiology Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek, the home of the Delft School of Microbiology and the Dutch painter Vermeer.