Seminar: Matthijs Hisschemoller DRIFT (Erasmus University)

26 november 2019 14:00 t/m 15:00 - Locatie: Faculty TPM, hall B1.300 - Door: Eveline

His research focusses, amongst others, on the Energy transition and the role of participation and knowledge utilisation (variety of types of knowledge) therein. As a researcher he has been involved in several stakeholder dialogues, for instance on long term climate adaptation options, sustainable hydrogen, sustainable biomass, smart energy systems and much much more. More recently, Hisschemoller has been involved in writing this report which analyses the heat transition policy of the municipality of Amsterdam (also attached). The report is unfortunately in Dutch, but gives a peak into the tensions and conflicts that come with the energy transition. In particular it describes the interactions between administrative, political and commercial actors in the formation of the Amsterdam heat transition policy. The report identifies illegal strategies that are used to influence this policy. Furthermore, the report discusses how within the municipality two myths persist that promote natural gas as a more sustainable solution than solar power and exclude solar power as policy option.

The report not only paints a disenchanting picture of policy processes, it also shows how research and activism interact as the report itself is input in a legal procedure of the foundation ‘Amsterdam fossil free’. We are happy to invite Matthijs to tells us more about this, and hope you will all join us.

For the DRIFT document, click here.