02/12 Gin Tasting: What’s Your Gin IQ?

02 december 2019 19:30 t/m 20:30 - Door: Communication

Gin! It’s an old favourite. The starting point for many lip-smacking cocktails, gin & tonics and wonderful evenings. Today, gin is as popular and classy as ever. We’ve partnered up with our friends at Driftwood Distillery to bring you a tasty craft gin tasting.

With its roots being traced back to 13th-century Flanders, the reputation gin has had, varies from century to century, going from medicinal to anarchic, from craze to bust. But in each decade, gin has always found its place in our society.

Join us for a gin-infused tasting experience where you will get to taste four samples of special ‘craft’ gins while learning the beauty of this versatile drink. Test your ‘Gin IQ’ and listen to the story and character of each different gin. Of course, you’ll be able to ask all your questions to our gin expert. After the tasting, you’ll get to choose your favourite and we’ll mix up a tasty GT for you to sip complete with garnish.

Monday 2 December | 19:30 – 20:30 | at Cafe X | Students: € 11.50 Employees: € 21.- Others: € 23.-