10/01 Workshop: Create Your Own Surfer Jewellery

10 januari 2019 20:00 t/m 22:00 - Door: Communication

A lot of surfers have this cool, relaxed vibe, which partly is because of their jewellery. On Thursday the 10th of January, you have the chance to make your own surfers jewellery like board necklaces, ankle bands or wrist bands. So, let’s get creative! The workshop is organised in co-operation with boards sports association DROP Delft.

The workshop takes place at the ACTlab where all materials will be available. There will be lasercutted boards and ropes and you can decorate your jewellery with beads, feathers, paint and more.

Make sure to be there in time, at least ten minutes before the workshop begins.

The workshop is free if you have an X subscription and costs €6.- for others.

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Subscription holders Others

Thursday 10/01 | 20:00 – 22:00 | at X in Delft | €6,-