11/02 – 15/02 Free Try-Outs at X

11 februari 2019 16:00 t/m 15 februari 2019 00:00 - Door: Communication

X has a lot to offer, probably more than you think. During the Free Try-Outs, you can experience this for yourself and it’s all for free! You can explore our wide range of activities in sports, (e)-games, balance, lifestyle, arts, crafts and so much more. Or visit our well-equipped gym. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience the possibilities that the X subscription offers you!

The Try-Outs are the perfect moment to try out something new, since you can join all of the ticket hours and try-out lessons of our courses which will be held in the third quarter for free. It is your chance to meet the teachers and ask anything you’d like to know.


You might find it hard to decide what to do. With these highlights, we made it a bit easier for you;-).

  • Enjoy live performances during the Stukafest Kick-Off on Wednesday at 20:00.
  • Make your own fabulous meal with ingredients from the Mystery Box in the Freetown Kitchen, daily at 17:00
  • See whether you want to become part of the team who create an interactive art installation: Watchtower.
  • Make your own rope splice in the shape of a heart during the workshop, Wednesday at 20:00.
  • Bring a date, crush, paramour, lover or friend with benefits to the Valentine edition of Salon, in the Freetown kitchen at 19:30 fand enjoy pancakes & poetry.
  • Try out free samples of the new meals from Cafe X and Concept Store The <First> Story
  • Empower your mental well-being, drop by the Counsellor at Boost, on Thursday at 17:30.
  • Get a deeper understanding of yoga with new association OHM in Body & Mind on Thursday at 18:30
  • Break a sweat on during Tennis, on weekdays starting at 17:00.

The schedule

You can also meet our associations during their association days, check the dates and times for yourself at the website of the association of your interest.

Feel free to walk-in at any ticket hour or try-out lesson of a course you like and join or watch. See you there!

No enrolment needed. First come, first serve.

11/02 - 15/02 | 16:00 - 23:59 | at X | FREE!