12/01 E-sports tournament: Super Smash Bros Melee

12 januari 2019 10:00 t/m 20:00 - Door: Communication

Pick your favourite character and use your online fighting skills during the Super Smash Bros Melee tournament which is hosted by Delft Student E-sports Association (DSEA)! You can join a singles (1v1) or doubles (2v2) matches.

All of the singles matches will be played in a group phase to start with. After this, the tournament continues in an amateur & pro bracket, so you will compete against opponents of the same skill level as much as possible. And of course, there will be prizes for the top contestants.

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Saturday 12/01 | 10:00 - 20:00 |  at the Theatre Auditorium of X | €5.- registration + €5.- per event [In co-op with Delft Student E-sports Association]