12/06 Panel Discussion: Art, Empathy & Ethics

A ground-breaking elective

12 juni 2019 11:00 t/m 14:00 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Art, empathy and ethics, what connects them? Join the discussion on the 12th of June and experience the results of this trailblazing, one-of-a-kind elective course.

After the success of the first-ever Applied Sciences MSc. Elective on the cross-cutting fields of art, ethics and technology, we wanted to share the results and open up the discussion about the impact of art on ‘process thinking’ of scientists and engineers.

By integrating the process of 'thinking as an artist by doing art', the students of this elective were confronted to the reality that impacts society when new technologies are at their fingertips. By displacing themselves into the (emotional) body of users of new technologies via the artistic process, the future engineers/scientists become better prepared for the emotional and moral debate around new technologies/scientific discoveries they will eventually produce themselves.

Together with a panel of artists, philosophers, scientists and students, we discuss the different approaches to technology and how contemporary art can raise ethical questions around the emotional, moral societal reactions to new technologies. 

We invite you to not only actively become part of this discussion, but also be the first to sign up for the elective course in new academic year! Come,and meet the art and ethics professors of the course AS3131- Art, Empathy and Ethics, and enrol for a journey in Q1 of 2019-2020 (limited number of students!).  

11:00 The back story
11:40 Who are we and who should we be: experts present
12:40 Panel discussion
13:20 The AEE Installation: students present
13:30 Free drinks

No enrolment needed.


Wednesday 12/06 | 11:00-14:00 | TU Delft Library – Orange Room | FREE!

Prior to this event, an exposition with the artistic results of this elective is showcased in the main hall of the Library. The students worked on personal art pieces evolving around the subject of body enhancement and connectivity (see photos). The installation will be presented at the end of the event.

Location: main hall Library
Dates: 06-12 June

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