16/11 Salon: the Body Positivity Edition

16 november 2019 19:30 t/m 21:30 - Door: Communication

Body Positivity is a social movement, rooted in the belief that everyone should be able to have a positive body image. It is challenging the ways in which society presents and views the female and male body. Body positivity is about the idea that all body types are good the way they are, what seems to be a radical thought in a world full of #fitboys, bikini bodies and perfect selfies. It is gaining more attention through new role models and social media.

On the 16th of November, Salon focusses on body positivity. We’ve invited Shamangi Kooistra, one of the Aerobics and Yoga teachers at X. She has been teaching for multiple decades, has seen the shifts in trends, lifestyles and beauty ideals, and will be able give an insight on what has moved students to join her lessons over time. With some prepared statements and fragments, you’re invited to have an open conversation about the topic and share different points of view. 

Want to join in the open conversation about Body Positivity? Just come by, no enrolment necessary.

About Salon
The Salon is the modern version of the phenomenon which took place in France in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. During these cultural gathering writers, poets, philosophers and artists got together to discuss literature, poetry, philosophy and sometimes other (fine) arts and politics. Evenings which were all about ‘aut delectare aut prodesse’: to amuse the attendees and to contribute to personal development.

The Salon takes place in the Living Room of X, where you can participate in debates, analyses and conversation, led by the hostess or host. Each edition focuses on a different theme, such as art, culture, politics, society, music, science and psychology. Also, most of the time a guest speaker will join the conversation, providing an inspiring evening with room for discussion and conversation. 

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Saturday 16 November | 19:30 - 21:30 | in the Living Room of Freetown | FREE!