18/02 Yoga Workshop: Resist the Stress

18 februari 2019 20:30 t/m 22:00 - Door: Communication

Are you experiencing stress? Have you noticed that your neck and shoulders are a bit sore because of long hours? On 18 February, you can join the yoga workshop Resist the Stress at X organized in co-operation with a new yoga association. An experienced yoga teacher will guide you through exercises to release pain and stress from the shoulders and neck, by giving you detailed explanations based on the anatomical structures. This workshop targets on everyone who experiences stiffness or soreness after long days at the desk. The workshop will be followed by a healthy snack, providing space for questions and discussion.

Resist the stress is an event organized by OHM: a group of enthusiastic yoga students who are starting an association for students with similar interests: balance in a body, mind and spirit. They think there should be more room for emotional/spiritual development, which is why you'll be introduced to some ancient Eastern wisdom. If you’re interested in joining OHM, come to the workshop to learn more about their plans and goals or contact them via email to be kept up to date on their events.

Marlies de Koning has been teaching yoga at the TU and her yoga studio for almost 10 years. She connects the anatomical science of the human body with the (experimental) yogic wisdom from India. Because she combines theory with practical tools, her teachings are very effective. Her strength is to let you playfully experience your own body, and besides, her passion is adorable.

More info about OHM? Contact: ohmtudelft@gmail.com.

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Monday 18 February | 20:30 - 22:00 | at Body & Mind of X | Students: € 6.-  Others: € 12.- [In co-op with OHM]