27/08 Caveman BBQ Workshop

27 augustus 2019 16:00 t/m 18:30 - Door: Communication

It’s the ultimate primal experience in grilling; laying everything directly on the coals. You will learn the old barbeque technique in this Caveman workshop, led by our star chef Vichron, and cook an entire meal without using a pan.

Barbecuing has turned primal in this cooking workshop. You will learn to cook a variety of foods directly on the hot coals of the grill. From caveman T-bone steaks to charred aubergine, which is used in making the Levantine appetizer Baba ghanoush. Using the grill, you’ll experience that this adds tons of flavour to dishes you might not expect.

The workshop will guide you through making several dishes including a caveman T-bone steak, corn with burnt off husk, a hobo packet of steamed meat and veggies, and even more.

After learning the process from the chef, you will have the opportunity to try it yourself and test your caveman cooking.

The workshop takes place from 16:00 till 18:00 after which you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious meal on the terrace of Cafe X.

Tuesday 27/08 | 16:00 – 18:30 | at the terrace of Cafe X | Students: € 14.50 Employees: € 26.00 Others: € 29.00