28/03 Mini Sustainability Festival: Get Wasted

28 maart 2019 18:30 t/m 21:30 - Door: Communication

When life gives you waste products… Turn them into delicious food or thirst-quenching beer, swap them out for something better, feed them to the worms or make them your PhD research topic. Whatever you do: reducing, reusing and repurposing waste starts with you and it can actually be pretty fun. Let’s get wasted!

REDUCE wasted food by helping Food Sharing Delft prepare a delicious meal for you from fruits and vegetables that the local markets and shops were going to throw away. 

REUSE waste by turning it into one of the greatest drinks ever invented – beer! Beer tastings will be available during the evening. If you are quick you can sign up for the workshop the following evening, where you'll learn how to brew beer from waste water yourself!

REUSE your food scraps by putting it into a worm composting bin. 

With the use of worms (vermicomposting), organic waste can be processed faster. Learn how to DIY in a free workshop from the ‘Compostbakkers’.

REPURPOSE your old media in another edition of Swap ‘til You Drop! This time we’ll swap different types of media like novels, study books, cd’s, records, cassette tapes, sheet music, etc.! It’s like going shopping without feeling guilty or spending a dime.

REACT to talks by PhD students from The Sustainability Committee of Civil Engineering as they pitch their waste related research projects. Chat with them and members of the Green Office and get tips and tricks on how you can be more sustainable. Every little bit counts!

No enrolment needed.

Thursday 28 March | 18:30 - 21:30 | at Freetown of X | FREE! 

In co-op with Food Sharing Delft, Green Office and Sustainability Committee of Civil Engineering.