Manifesto for the Just City #4: Race & Space - Issues of Race and Class in Urban Development

30 november 2020 18:00 - Locatie: Online - Door: Communicatie BK

COVID-19 initially looked like the “great equaliser”: all of humanity facing exactly the same microscopic enemy. There seemed to be an opportunity for all of us to work together towards the same goal: to heal ourselves and our relationship with our planet.

It seemed almost like a dress rehearsal for the even bigger challenges we must face in the next decades: our planet’s delicate climate equilibrium tipping off balance, the likely disappearance of much of the planet’s biodiversity after the mass extinction of animals and plants we have witnessed in the last 50 years, the exhaustion of natural resources, growing inequality, as well as the rise of populism and a deepening democratic crisis.

Sadly, it soon became apparent that the virus would have a very different impact on different groups of people around the world, depending on their age, location, type of government, social class, access to medical care, job opportunities and even race.We have not come together. Our divisions and the injustices of our cities became even more apparent thanks to the virus.

The Manifesto for the Just City is a 4-part Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) by the World Urban Campaign. The UTCs invite guest keynote speakers, with each followed by a workshop with students from universities from all over the world. These lectures are free and open to anyone who is interested.


  • Dr. Suraj Yengde - Shorenstein Centre inaugural post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Public Policy
  • Tainá de Paula - Architect, urban planner, activist of urban social movements

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