PhD defence Dadi Zhang: Individually controlled noise reducing devices

01 juli 2020 16:24 - Door: Communicatie BK

On July 13th, Dadi Zhang, PhD candidate with promoter
Philomena Bluyssen at Indoor Environment, will defend her
PhD thesis ‘Individually controlled noise reducing devices to
improve IEQ in classrooms of primary schools’.

Given the fact that different children have different IEQ (Indoor
Environmental Quality) perceptions, preferences and needs, it
makes more sense to control the IEQ in classrooms on the
level of the individual rather than of the room. For this reason,
this research explored the possibility of customizing IEQ in
classrooms of primary schools. An individually controlled noise
reducing device was designed and tested to address the main
IEQ problem in classrooms, namely noise. Purpose of this
device is providing every child the opportunity to change their
local IEQ by themselves. The idea is that every child will
have one device hanging above their head in their classrooms,
and they can control it: open or close.

The results obtained from the simulations, measurements and
children’s feedback on the prototype of the device, indicated
the feasibility of such devices in classrooms at primary schools.