The Berlage Keynote: Flores & Prats

22 oktober 2020 18:30 t/m 20:30 - Locatie: Oostserre & Online - Door: Communication BK

In this lecture, entitled “Building Communities,” Flores & Prats presents their combined design and constructive practice with academic engagement.

Their work—mostly the result of open competitions—connects design to the latent realities of living in society, including rehabilitation, social housing, or urban public spaces and neighborhood participation. After their experience at Enric Miralles’s studio, Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats developed a career these interests are always linked to the responsibility to make and build, giving importance to the possibilities of public interpretations and critical views that the built work reveals.  

This lecture is part of the Berlage Keynotes, an ongoing lecture series by internationally prominent practitioners, designers, and thinkers. A selection of speakers from different disciplines, including architects, artists, filmmakers, and theorists, present how their work engages with contemporary design issues and debates. Organized and hosted by the Berlage, the series is part of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment’s Public Programs held on Thursday evenings. This fall semester, speakers include Baukunst, Béka & Lemoine, Theo Deutinger, Flores & Prats, Adriaan Geuze, Gigon/Guyer, Piovenefabi, and Studio Gang. 

Practical information

This lecture will be streamed live from the Oostserre and can be followed via this link.
A limited number of students who have access to the building on Thursday can attend the lecture in the Oostserre. They can request attendance via the email address First come, first served.

Image: Sala Beckett by Flores & Prats Architects in Barcelona, photo by Adrià Goula