Graduation of Bram Stikvoort

02 november 2020 15:00 - Locatie: Lecture hall G, CEG, or online (depending on Corona) - Door: Webredactie

Ship collision on inflatable weir - case study: weirs in the Meuse

  • Professor of graduation: Prof. dr. ir. S.N. Jonkman

  • Supervisors of graduation: Ir. W. F. Molenaar (TU Delft), dr. ir. P. C. J. Hoogenboom (TU Delft), ir. J. S. Reedijk (BAM)

In the past 20 years two ship collisions has happened on weirs in the Meuse, with major consequences for the shipment in the river and its surroundings. The weirs in the Meuse will be replaced in the coming two decades, and the inflatable weir is considered as an design option for replacement. This study research is carried out on what happens during ship collision on an inflatable weir. For this purpose a static anlytical model is made to analyze the ship-inflatable weir interaction. Following, an effort to model the event in numerical software Ansys. After that, physical experiments are performed to calibrate the analytical model. The results of the experiments show a gliding ship over the inflatable weir, depending on the velocity of the ship. The inflatable weir may be seen as an effective option against ship collision.