Graduation of Nino Huijsman

30 oktober 2020 11:45 - Locatie: Lecture Hall G, CEG - Door: Webredactie

Analysis of piping at hydraulic structures through an event tree approach

  • Professor of graduation: Prof. dr. ir. M. Kok

  • Supervisors of graduation: Dr. ir. M.M. Rutten (TU Delft), dr. ir. R.C. Lanzafame (TU Delft), ir. A Willems (Iv-Groep)

Since 2017 the Wettelijke Beoordelingsinstrumentarium (WBI 2017) is used to assess primary flood defences on their offered level of protection against a potential flood. Not all failure mechanisms can be assessed in a probabilistic manner. It is however desired to have a failure probability as outcome of the assessment. Due to this missing probabilistic assessment method, especially hydraulic structures can have too conservative assessment results. One of the failure modes that is not assessed in a probabilistic manner yet is piping at hydraulic structures. In this thesis a method is developed that can be used to assess piping at hydraulic structures in a probabilistic manner. Therefore, an event tree approach is used which clearly shows what sub-events need to occur before the hydraulic structure fails as a consequence of piping. By using models and expert knowledge the probabilities of occurrence of these sub-events are quantified and used to find the probability of failure due to piping.