Graduation of Tatiana Andrikopoulou

30 oktober 2020 13:30 - Locatie: Online (MS Teams) - Door: Webredactie

Nature Based Solutions (NBS) for fluvial flood mitigation: an integrated assessment framework

  • Chair of graduation: Dr. ir. Astrid Blom

Inland flooding along with its casualties is expected to increase. Climate change, urban expansion on floodplains, degraded ecosystems due to human interventions, lack of effective emergency flood risk management plans contribute to flood intensification and risk exposure. The heretofore flood mitigation practices seem to stop short of both mitigating flood risk and providing further economic, social, and environmental benefits. Instead, practices co-working with nature and its physical processes are constantly gaining ground. Nature-based solutions (NBS) are measures encompassing the ‘co-operation with nature’ approach; mitigating fluvial flood risk while providing numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits. This research project develops a framework for assessing the NBS performance for fluvial flood mitigation. The framework adopts an integrated approach, using indicators for evaluative and benchmarking purposes. The NBS framework is meant to assist experts in providing guidance for similar projects and contributing to the mainstreaming and transferability of the NBS practice.

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