AMT Seminar: Efficient hydrofoils with non-linear compliance

13 december 2019 15:00 - Locatie: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Lecture Room A - Door: Department of Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

The AMT group and the ASCM group are pleased to invite you to a seminar talk of Fabian Schadt from the FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland, taking place on Friday, Dec 13th 2019 at 15h00 in lecture room A.

Fabian Schadt is a senior research engineer at the Institute of Polymer Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, the Institute focusses on applied research and technology development for advanced manufacturing methods with polymer composites. He studied mechanical engineering at TU Ilmenau and FHNW with focus on polymer engineering. In his master studies he focused on the development of non-linear compliant composite beam structures with high load carrying capabilities. Currently he works on the H2020 project SUCOHS where the focus is set on toughening high temperature resins and simulating their curing behavior.

Passive spanwise bending shape-adaption has the potential to increase the efficiency and manoeuvrability of vehicles with wing-like structures. This paper presents a passive spanwise bending shape-adaption concept for highly loaded wing-like structures based on local buckling of the compression flange at a prescribed external bending moment. Buckling reduces the in-plane stiffness of the compression flange and thus yields a beam design with a high pre-buckling and a low post-buckling bending stiffness. The investigated concept is experimentally validated using a composite four-point bending beam, which is designed to experience compression flange buckling in the span with constant moment. The bending stiffness was reduced by more than 42% after the onset of buckling which shows the effectiveness of compression flange buckling for non-linear bending compliance. This work demonstrates that compression flange buckling is a viable structural concept to achieve non-linear bending compliance in highly loaded composite beam structures.


Keywords: Shape adaptation, Non-linear compliance, Buckling, Post-buckling, Thin ply composite

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