(POSTPONED) Torque 2020 - The Science of Making Torque from Wind conference

27 mei 2020 09:00 t/m 29 mei 2020 18:00 - Locatie: Delft, the Netherlands - Door: Department of Communication

It started in Delft in 2004 and it will return in 2020. Between 26th and 28th of May 2020 the TU Delft will be the proud host of one of the most important academic wind energy conferences worldwide. The biennial scientific conference “The Science of Making Torque from Wind” (TORQUE) had successfully established itself since 2004 as Europe‘s leading scientific wind energy conference. Experts from academia and industry are discussing latest results and developments in fundamental and applied wind energy research. The conference aims at providing a forum for discussion and technical exchanges on the most recent advances in the general field of wind energy science and technology.