Designing for Darkness – Feeling Safe in the Dark

18 februari 2020 12:00 t/m 13:30 - Locatie: Faculty of TPM, Classroom I, A1.250 - Door: Webredactie

This playground meeting hosted by TPM researcher Taylor Stone will take place on Tuesday, 18 February, from 12:00 to 13:30, faculty of TPM (Classroom I, 31-A1-250).

Together with external parties Taylor is developing a strategy document to inform a lighting master plan of Delftse Hout park, developing and operationalizing the ideas from his dissertation (2019) on Designing for Darkness. How do you overcome the value conflict between the values of darkness and feeling safe in the park? How does that feed into strategies for responsible lighting? During the playground, Taylor shares how the project and collaboration evolved, and likes to brainstorm with you about next steps.