Workshop Day 3

Information Management Challenges during Emergencies: Crisis in LEGO-land

12 juni 2020 11:40 | Zet in mijn agenda

During crisis responses people are faced with unknown situations dealing with decision making with an increased time pressure  that require actors to work together to help people in need. To reduce this uncertainty and increase the collaboration, information plays a vital role. It allows organizations, agencies and communities to understand what is going on, what is needed and who is doing what where. It is the reason why one of the often-uttered phrases in crisis response is "Information saves Lives".

In this hands-on workshop by Kenny Meesters lecturer Information Management at Tilburg University- will introduce and explore the world of information & data behind response to large scale critical events. Using his recent experience in the National Operational Team Corona (LOT-C) and involvement in research projects over the past years, we'll examine key challenges and best practices in managing information in a crisis.  We'll dive into the world of information, decisions and ... LEGO.....

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Date and Time

Thursday August 20, 2020
12.00 - 13.00


Kenny Meesters

Lecturer Information Management at Tilburg University