Webinar: Social Innovation In The Energy Transition - A Book With Seven Seals

19 juni 2020 15:00 t/m 16:15 - Door: Webredactie

The energy sector has many solutions available for a sustainable energy transition. However, these solutions are mainly technical. Social and behavioral aspects are often a book with seven seals. They cause delays to the energy transition and result in unnecessary expenses. Research on how these aspects can positively turn into social innovations is lagging behind.

With this webinar we give insights in how social innovation can be understood, monitored and achieved during the energy transition. Julia Wittmayer from the Erasmus University Rotterdam explains why social innovation can change the societal fabric and provides a classification of the typology (SONNET Horizon 2020 project). Thomas Hoppe and Gerdien de Vries further discuss why Delft University of Technology is relaunching its Social Innovation Platform (SIET) and what to expect of it. Anatol Itten will share experiences from the EU Interreg SHIFFT sustainable heat transition project on how social innovations accelerate through co-creation and social distancing.

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