NPS17: The Netherlands Process Technology Symposium

04 november 2020 12:30 t/m 05 november 2020 20:00 - Locatie: TU Delft - Aula - Door: Leslie van Leeuwen

The 17th edition of the Netherlands Process Technology Symposium (NPS17) will be held on 4-5 November 2020 on the campus of TU Delft, with the theme Sustaining the Future.

Sustaining the Future means developing new process routes, and re-innovating processes by applying known technologies across various industries. It is necessary to rethink the way industrial plants are designed and to bring engineering to the digital century to optimize process control. Examples include:

  • Delocalizing the industry to save energy and other resources.
  • Connecting processes.
  • Using advanced/ remote process control to optimize processes for a better use of resources.
  • Developing new process routes (CO2 as energy source or as chemical bond for further products).
  • Re-formulating consumer products based on sustainable ingredients and with reduced health or environmental impact.
  • Planning/ designing/ developing digitally to save resources and share knowledge all over the world.
  • Augmented reality for knowledge transfer, more safety and connectivity.

Please reserve the dates in your agenda. More information will follow soon.