Lecture: How can cities contribute to local energy solutions?

03 juni 2020 16:15 t/m 17:15 - Locatie: Webinar - Door: Eveline Zeegers | Zet in mijn agenda

Lecture by Joop Oude Lohuis, Director Energie Programma, Gemeente Utrecht
Hosted by the Urban Energy Institute
Date: Wednesday 3 June, 2020
4.15pm - 5.15pm CET
Moderator: Kornelis Blok

The Climate Agreement  that was signed on 28 June 2019 signified an important move in the climate policy arena in the Netherlands.  An ambitious target was set for 2030 and the focus shifted towards implementation of changes in the heat supply system on the local level. Mandates and regulation that are currently on a national scale will be transformed towards decision making on a local level. What does this mean? Are municipalities ready for these new responsibilities? What has already changed? What are the challenges?   


Missed the lecture? Watch it below. 

Download the presentation here.

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