31/01-01/02 Workshop: Creating an ‘Installation Landscape’ & Concerts at Highlight Delft

31 januari 2020 16:00 t/m 01 februari 2020 22:00 - Door: Communication

You have the chance to create a unique ‘installation landscape’ in a two-day workshop, which will become part of the musical experience by the world-renowned piano duo Amacord. The workshop gives you free entrance to their concert and includes a ticket to Highlight Delft as well!

On 17 January, Amacord is officially releasing their new CD ‘Magical Garden’ in the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam. Just two weeks later, the duo, consisting of Maarten den Hengst and Ivana Alkovic, will visit TU Delft to inspire you during a two-day workshop weekend. In this workshop, you’ll design and create an ‘installation landscape’. This landscape will be used during their concerts; a true magical performance.

During a two-day building weekend, you’ll work with the pianists, a lighting technician, a team from the Science Centre and ACTlab, to design and create a landscape around the performance. It will become an installation which will be based on the interaction of sound, movement and light. Materials are provided.

On Friday afternoon and evening you’ll have the time to become inspired, try-out different materials and effects and work with the light settings of our Theatre Hall. On Saturday, you will build the complete landscape installation including the light plan.

NB. If you participate in the workshop weekend, entrance to the concerts will be free of charge. You will receive a ticket for the full programme of Highlight Delft as well. 

The workshop weekend is taking place on Friday 31 January between 16:00 - 23:00 and on Saturday 1 February from 10:00 - 22:00.

Prices & Enrolment

X subscription € 15.-
Employee € 27.-
Others € 30.-

During two consecutive evenings, a magical landscape will form the cocoon of an enchanting piano duo concert by world-renowned duo Amacord. The music performed is from the fin de siècle (the album Magical Garden) and is light, bubbly and simply delightful. This release is a tribute to the imagination. ''A world of fairy tales, fantasy and children's games...'' 

With four hands on one piano, changing atmospheres in both colour and dynamic, it promises to be a true spectacle of intersecting lines. 

The concerts take place on Thursday 13 February and Friday 14 February both starting at 20:00 Theatre Hall at X. 

31/01 – 01/02 | Sat 16:00 - 23:00 & Sun 10:00 - 22:00 | ACTlab/Theatre Hall | X subscription: € 15.- Employees: € 27.- Others: € 30.- [In co-op with Highlight Delft]