10/02 - 15/02 Free Try-Outs

10 februari 2020 09:00 t/m 15 februari 2020 23:00 - Door: Communication | Zet in mijn agenda

Are you ready to broaden your horizon? During the Free Try-Outs, you can take part in almost one hundred varying activities in the fields of sports, games, arts, crafts, lifestyle and health. All for free! It’s the ultimate opportunity to try out new things.

The Free Try-Outs Programme
Curious to see what is on offer from 10 until 15 February? Make sure to check the online schedule or the schedule below. Good to know: the purple activities in the online schedule are part of the Free Try-Outs and are free to join. For the rest of the activities, you will need an X subscription to join and enrol at 13:00 daily.

How to participate? 
You don’t need to enrol to join the lessons of the Free Try-Outs and you don’t need to be in possession of an X subscription. Just join the activity you’re interested in! Please note: the offer showcased this week is not necessarily taking place on the days/times it will be scheduled during the rest of the quarter. Please check the online schedule to confirm regular times.

Many of the courses are showcased on Tuesday 11 February during the Free Try-Outs, so you can check them out before enrolling.

All of the associations who collaborate with X are also organising open practices or drinks. Check their websites for more info.

NB. The Fitness is not part of the Free Try-Outs.

10-15 February | 09:00 – 23:00 | at X | FREE!