20/02 Stukafest Kick-off: in co-op with Stukafest Delft

20 februari 2020 20:00 t/m 23:59 - Door: Communication

An energizing performance between the crates of beer and study books. An intimate literary lecture under a loft bed. A cabaret artist at the dining table. That's what Stukafest is all about. At X they you can join the kick-off, to give you a taste of this ultimate student festival!

Stukafest consists of three different rounds, half an hour each. At the kick-off, there will also be three rounds of performances, to give everyone a real Stukafest experience.

The first round starts at 20:00 in Freetown. In between rounds, you don't have to get on your bike to go to the next performance venue, instead you can get a beer at the bar and go to the room next door at your leisure. By 22:00, the last round is finished and you can almost immediately enjoy the big finale.

Round 1 20:00 - 20:30: Alyssa Gonzalez – Stand-up comedy in the Living Room of Freetown
                                                                     and a Virtual Reality Game  in 404 in Freetown

Round 2 20:45 - 21:15:  Blue Suede Shoes - Dance workshop & show for beginners in the Theatre Hall

Round 3 21:30 - 22:00: Banana Savannah – Reggae/funk band in the Foyer


As of 22:00, jazz association Groover will provide a splashing jam session in the Foyer. Groover's Big Band will be there and everyone can join the jam session! So take your instrument with you if you have one and end the evening with a musical party!

No enrolment needed, you’re very welcome to just come by and enjoy the performances!

Thursday 20/02 | 20:00 - 00:00 | Freetown and Theatre Hall | FREE! [In co-op with Stukafest Delft]