08/07 Conversation and Q&A: How to improve your mental and social wellbeing?

08 juli 2020 15:30 t/m 16:30 - Door: Communication

How do you think about making contact during this remote studying times? And how do you connect with your study mates and other fellow students? We organise a conversation about loneliness in co-op with C&CS. You can talk about these subjects with other students and student psychologist from C&CS.

We will organise a conversation and you can direct your issues to other fellow students and student psychologists from C&CS. The student psychologists will give knowledge about the construct of loneliness, feelings and thoughts and to cope with these kind of feelings.

We welcome you to join and talk about your own struggles and how to approach from there on.
Nice to know: you’re are not visible during the Zoom meeting. Only if you want to, you can put your own camera on.

Topics can include issues like:

  • My friends do no respond to my messages anymore
  • I do not want to bother others with my issues (or questions)
  • I don’t know who to contact now that I am not at the TU anymore

 Wednesday 08/07 | 15:30 - 16:30 | FREE! In co-op with C&CS