10/10 Opening of Open Studio: Ceramics Workshop

10 oktober 2020 13:00 t/m 15:00 - Door: Communication

To celebrate the opening of our Open studio our Ceramics and Pottery teacher Ellen Rijnsdorp will give you a workshop.

On Friday the 16th of October the Open Studio will open again and it will be possible to work on your projects again using the skills you have learned in one of the courses.
Since we have to work and study from home you might be looking for fun and cheap ways to update your interior. In this workshop you will make a dish or set of small dishes by using a mould. You can choose between several techniques. After this you can decorate your dish with coloured clay. After the firing, your pieces will be covered with a transparent glaze. 

Within two weeks you will be able to pick your work up at X.


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Saturday 10/10 | 13:00-15:00 X | price €6,-