26/11 Mood boosting workshop: How to deal with winter blues

26 november 2020 13:00 t/m 14:30 - Door: Communication

Constantly tired, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and finding it more and more difficult to focus? You could be struggling with the winter blues. This workshop will show you insights in thought processes that cause this phenomenon.

Moving to Delft to study and then having to deal with an online program rather than being active on the campus and around Delft, causes us to move less and not go outside as much as we used to. Each year hundreds of TU Delft students are struggling with winter depression. This workshop will start with a lecture by author and psychologist Wouter Backx, who will share insights in the thought process that causes winter depression, which can help in a different approach in dealing with this. Prevention psychologist Janne de Kan will briefly share what TU Delft has to offer to our TU and PhD students if they're struggling with winter depression or other issues.

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Thursday 26/11 | 13:00-14:30 Zoom | FREE! | In co-op with Career & Counselling