BK Talks: Bakema conference

The observers observed: Architectural Uses of Etnography

24 november 2021 18:00 t/m 20:00 - Locatie: OOSTSERRE & ONLINE - Door: Communication BK

In the occasion of the VIII Annual Conference of the Jaap Bakema Study Centre, BK Talks, in association with Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, will host a panel at the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, TU Delft. This year’s Conference investigates the many ways architecture has taken an interest in ethnography to realign and expand its disciplinary scope and societal roles.

Historically, ethnography is no innocent discipline: as it is firmly embedded in colonial and capitalist logics and their Eurocentric knowledge production. At the same time, ethnography provided, and continues to offer, new insights and inspiration to help improve people's everyday lives, and to innovate planning practice for the benefit of the greatest number.

The Conference will unpack the questions at stake, from the historical entanglement with twentieth century modern architecture, to the topical questions of decolonizing architecture, the current environmental crisis which effects communities, and the transformation of everyday culture under the impact of globalisation. 

For BK Talks a panel of international guests will discuss what might be the lessons from the past and for today, how ethnography could offer the conceptual tools to break up and redistribute colonial power, to expand communication and intercultural exchange, to embrace ambiguity, diversity,

Practical information

This BK Talks will be streamed live from the Oostserre and can be followed via this link. A limited number of people can attend the BK Talks in the Oostserre.